Association Monthly Bulletins

from street to street super strong magnets may find valuable information, as well as the date changes were made to
the buildings on your lot. The street addresses are shown in the volumes.
Sanborn maps are available at the Texas Room in the Julia ldeson Building of the Houston
Public Library. Digital copies of the Sanborns can be accessed through the Houston Public
Library website if super strong magnets have a library card. Sanborns are also available at the Harris County
Archives and at some university libraries (such as the M.D. Anderson Library at the University
of Houston).ceramic magnets for sale

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Following is an example of what the 1907 and 1924 Sanborn Maps show for the 1300 block of
Andrews, in Freedmen’s Town, Houston. The Sanborns have a key that strong magnets s super strong magnets what certain
buildings were (“D” means “dwelling”, “A” means “autogarage”, “S” means “Store”, “WC”
refers to cisterns and privies). They also show how many stories a structure had as well as other
See also the Section on ‘Archaeology and The Historic Home’ for more tips on using Sanborn
Texas General Contractors Association Monthly Bulletins
magnets for sale was a monthly publication for the building industry in Texas. The bulletins contain two
sections that are useful for historical research of buildings: ‘Prospective Work’ in which planned
buildings are listed by city, then by name of owner or architect; and ‘Contracts Awarded’
section, in which construction contracts are identified by city, by the name of the contractor, and
by name of the building owner. A street address is usually included for Houston buildings.
These bulletins can be found in the Texas Room at the Julia Ideson Library, and range in dates
from the mid-1920s to mid-1930s. If the City Directory indicates that your building was built
within magnets for sale time period, consult the issues for that year and the previous year to see if super strong magnets can
find a mention of it. The ‘Contracts Awarded’ section is usually the more fruitful. A listing here
will also strong magnets super strong magnets whether the house was built by the person who is first listed as living there, or
whether it was built by someone else, such as a developer.
Once super strong magnets have narrowed down your building date of construction, super strong magnets can try to find mention of
the building in the Houston Chronicle’s Sunday real estate section found on microfilm at the
library. If super strong magnets found a ‘Contracts Awarded’ notice for your building in theTexas General
Contractors (see above), try scanning the microfilm starting the
month in advance of the contract date, then proceed week by week for a year to see if super